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Note: The links below are listed because they are interesting, not because I necessarily agree with all their content, or even have read all their content. DK. 


Newest favorite: Newspaper and magazine articles by Barry Fagin, Senior Fellow at the Independence Institute, and Computer Science Professor at the Air Force Academy.



Computers and Electronic Privacy

Center for Democracy and Technology. The top electronic privacy group in the world.
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC).

Tech Central Station


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Criminal Justice


Australian Institute of Criminology
Bureau of Justice Statistics. From the US Dept. of Justice.
Syracuse University Transactional Records Clearinghouse. Independent, non-partisan statistical information on FBI, IRS, DEA, and BATF.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Families Against Mandatory Minimums
Forfeiture Endangers American Rights
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

NCJRS. A research clearinghouse for all information coming from the many bureaus and offices of the United States Department of Justice.
SEARCH. The National Consortium of Criminal Justice Information Services, an organization of state criminal justice research providers. Includes Supreme Court opinions as soon as they are released.
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics. From the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network. Vast amount of resources, including UN reports on gun control, and much more.


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National Association of Scholars. Academics who oppose political correctness, and who support liberal education and academic freedom.
Separation of School and State Alliance

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PERC. (Political Economy Research Center). Free-market environmentalism.
Science and Environmental Policy Project. Run by Dr. Fred Singer. Good information on the facts about global warming and its use as a pretext for expanding government control of the economy.

Junk science

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Health Care


Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Devoted to preserving private medicine. Information on current federal regulations, medical practice, and how doctors can reduce risk of unfair prosecution by federal bureaucrats.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Despite recent forays into controlling "diseases" like violence, still the U.S. government's public health authority.
Junk Science. A great site debunking all kinds of junk science, much of it sponsored by the federal government.
Medline. National Library of Medicine's bibliographic search program for the medical literature.


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Findlaw. The best starting point to find the law on the web. A superb, multi-layered table of contents. Supreme Court decisions from 1893 to the present. Many other legal resources too.
The U.S. Constitution.
United States Code.
Code of Federal Regulations.
Center for Individual Rights. Public interest law firm that fights oppressive government.
Federalist Society. Conservative/libertarian legal reform and scholarship group.

Fully Informed Jury Association. Educates the public about the right and duty of jurors to vote their conscience.

How Appealing
Institute for Justice. Public interest law firm, with a free-market, civil liberties orientation.

Point of Law. Legal commentary weblog from the Manhattan Institute.
Southeastern Legal Foundation. Based in Atlanta. Advocates limited government, individual economic freedom, and the free enterprise system in the courts of law and public opinion

Randy Barnett. Libertarian political and legal thinker and law school professor.

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American Civil Liberties Union
Banned Books on-line. Full-text versions of books that censors have tried to eliminate.
Conservative Bookstore. Great books, plus exclusive interviews with authors.
Digital Freedom Network. Prints materials which a been suppressed by evil dictatorships, such as those in Cuba, Vietnam, and Cameroon. Offers visitors an easy way to write letters demanding the release of political prisoners.

Ilana Mercer. Pro-freedom writer, with a wide range of topics.

James Gomez News. The leading free-speech activist in Singapore, with lots of news about free speech/press/internet in Southeast Asia.
Laissez Faire Books. Mail order catalogue of free-market, pro-freedom books and tapes. Includes book reviews.
Pierre Lemieux. Libertarian philosopher and academic in Canada. Site has French and English versions.
NYC Surveillance Project. NYC Civil Liberties Union volunteers 
maintain a list of surveillance cameras in Manhattan.

The Library of Economics and Liberty. Huge resource with articles, classic books, and the home of the EconTalk podcast.

The Online Library of Liberty from Liberty Fund

Michael Huemer. Philosophy professor at CU Boulder with links to his work on liberty and other issues.

Institute for the Humane Studies

Bibliography of Liberty from the West Coast Libertarian Foundation

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Andrew Sullivan's weblog.

Chuck Asay Editorial cartoons. Cartoons from the nation's best pro-freedom cartoonist, featured in the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Asia Times.
Colorado Freedom Report. Commentary on Colorado and national issues.

The Drudge Report. Breaking news, and an excellent collection of links.

FrontPageMag. Run by David Horowitz.

Human Events Great commentary from Glenn Harlan Reynolds.

Liberty magazine.

Media Minded

Men's News Daily


New York Sun




Strategy Page. One of the top source of military news. Run by Jim Dunnigan.

Washington Post.

WashPost Watch

Washington Times.
WorldNet Daily. One of the largest daily newspapers in the U.S. (daily readership over 2 million), but entirely on-line.

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Politics and Government


Roll Call. Weekly newspaper edited by Morton Kondracke. Inside-the-beltway coverage of Congress and Congressional elections.
U.S. Congress, Thomas Server
FedStats. One-stop shopping for federal government statistics.
Canadian Parliament.


National Affairs


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Second Amendment


Foreign Countries

World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities.


Small Arms Survey.

Australia: Sporting Shooters Association of Australia.
Sporting Shooters Association of Western Australia.
The Great Australian Gun Law Con. Extensive information on the Howard government's gun confiscation, and fabric of deceit supporting it.
Brazil: Armaria. Gun rights group. Written in Portuguese. If you know Spanish, you can get by.
Canada: National Firearms Association.
Canadian Firearms Digest
Canadian Firearms Program. Canadian federal government's gun regulation administration.

Canadian Shooting Sports. Research and public education on firearms issues in Canada.

France: Armes a Feu.

Germany: Forum Waffenrecht.

India: Arms & the Man, Abhijeet Singh.

Indians for Guns, discussion group.

New Zealand: Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand.

Council of Licensed Firearms Owners.


South Africa: SAGA. South African Gun Owners Association.

Spain: Asociación Nacional del Arma (A.N.A.).
Switzerland: The Swiss militia. Official website for the Swiss Armed Forces.

Pro Tell. Switzerland's arms rights group. In German, French, and Italian.

Swiss Gun Collectors Association.

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AWARE. Armed Women Against Rape and Endangerment.
Bloomfield Press. Outstanding books detailing the gun laws of the United States, and of various individual states.
Brady Campaign. The world's leading anti-gun organization.

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and Educational Fund to End Handgun Violence (educational arm of CSGV).

Direct Action. Maryland.

Gun Owners Action League Massachusetts.
Gun Owners of America.
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
Join Together Online. Brings together resources from 15 local and national anti-gun organizations, and provides original content. Very slick site with frequent updates.

Montana Shooting Sports Association
National Rifle Association.

PAX: Real Solutions to Gun Violence.

Physicians for Social Responsibility.
Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition. A grass roots organization in Colorado Springs fighting for 2nd Amendment rights.
Second Amendment Foundation

Second Amendment Sisters. Mothers marching on Washington to defend the Constitution and protect their children. A counterpoint to the misguided Million Mom March.

Stonewall Shooting Sports of Utah. Pro-gay Utah Gun Rights Activists.

Tennessee Firearms Association
Texas State Rifle Association. Includes links to other state Rifle & Pistol associations.

United States Knife and Tool Association.

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Research Resources
Taylor Buckner. Canadian sociologist who writes about gun control attitudes, and other issues. Full text of his research papers.
Jeff Cooper's commentaries. Observations from the founder of modern pistol shooting.
Clayton Cramer home page. Historian with numerous publications on firearms, the Civil War, and other topics. Note especially Cramer's expose of the fraudulent book by Michael Bellesisles Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture(New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2000).
Concealed Carry Statistics from the Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed.
Guncite. Excellent summaries of the facts on a wide variety of firearms issues.
David Hardy's home page. Historian and litigator. Contains Hardy's brief for Sheriff Mack in the Brady Act case in the Supreme Court. Covering the Pulse of the Pro Rights Community with Daily Gun News.
Gun Scholar list. A comprehensive list of Gun Policy Scholars and Second Amendment Scholars compiled by Prof. Eugene Volokh.

Compilation of State and Federal gun laws.

Origin of the Second Amendment. A site promoting David Young's excellent book "The Origin of the Second Amendment," which contains all known original documents from the 1787-1791 dealing with the creation of the Second
Paul Revere Network. Retired police officer Leroy Pyle's collection of a great deal of gun-related research and links.

J. Neil Schulman. Award-winning science fiction author, who has written extensively on gun control. The page allows free downloads of chapters from his books.
Shade's Landing. Huge, excellent archive.

Soldier of Fortune magazine.

Sources on the Second Amendment and Right to Bear Arms in State Constitutions. Original sources compiled by UCLA Law Prof. Eugene Volokh.
Whisker Militia Treatises. James B. Whisker, Professor of Political Science at WestVirginia University, has given permission for this site to put online his five-volume set of treatises on The American Colonial Militia.

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National Firearms Act of 1934

NFA Owners' Association

Bardwell NFA Law


Industry and Sport
Aceros de Hispania. Spanish company selling collectible edged weapons and firearms.

American Firearms Industry. Home page of magazine and organization of the same name.

Hole in the Wall Firearms & Sporting Goods. Excellent FFL, with a focus on special orders and hard-to-find items.

Hunter's Shooting Association. Promotes target-shooting competitions that improve ethical hunting skills.
National Shooting Sports Foundation.
North American Arms. Innovative small handguns, both modern and blackpowder, for protection and sport.


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Social Policy


Center for Equal Opportunity. Promotes a color-blind society. Run by Linda Chavez.
Colorado Welfare Reform Clearinghouse.

Research site on genocide, by R.J. Rummel, Political Science professor, University of Hawaii. Details the close connection between political freedom and freedom from mass murder by government.

i feminists
Independent Gay Forum.  A new site of an association of writers and thinkers seeking to broaden the debate about homosexuality by giving voice to centrist, conservative and libertarian ideas.

Independent Women's Forum

Center for Consumer Freedom.  Fights against restrictions on what you can eat and drink.

American Coalition for Fathers & Children.  Home of the father's rights movement.



Controlled Substances

Civil Liberties Monitoring Project. Keeps track of abuses resulting from the military marijuana eradication campaign in northern California.

Drug Reform Coordination Network.
Drug Sense. Drug war skeptics.

Forces International Homepage. Smokers' rights.

Marijuana Policy Project.

Media Awareness Project. Excellent news archive

Modern Drunkard.
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter



Center for Immigration Studies.

English First.
English Language Advocates. Promotes continued use of English as the common American tongue.

Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform.

VDare. Named for Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America.


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Taxation, Spending, Economics


Citizens for a Sound Economy
Foundation for Economic Education
National Taxpayers Union

Think Tanks


European Human Rights Centre.

Centre for Independent Studies. Australia.

Montreal Economic Institute. Free Market think tank in Montreal, Canada.
"La Politica de la Libertad. Chile. English Version.
Institut de Libre Empresa (Institute for Free Enterprise). A site for the defense of capitalism, individual rights and liberty in Peru

Liberty Institute. India.

Edmund Burke Foundation. The Netherlands.

Policy Exchange. Great Britain.

Libertarian Alliance. Great Britain.

Sean Gabb. Great Britain.


Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty.
American Enterprise Institute. Home of John Lott, Ben Wattenberg and other smart guys.
American Legislative Exchange Council
Atlas Economic Research Foundation. Includes an excellent virtual phonebook of pro-freedom organizations and individuals.
Cato Institute. The premier pro-freedom public policy research organization.

Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism.
Commonwealth Foundation. Pennsylvania Free Market advocate. 
Capital Research Center. Reports on various leftist charitable organizations.
Competitive Enterprise Institute. Specializes in environmental and business regulation issues.
Frontiers of Freedom. Chaired by former Senator Malcolm Wallop.
Future of Freedom Foundation. Very strong no-compromise libertarian group.
Heritage's Townhall. Huge, excellent site. Includes material from a very wide variety of sources.
Independent Institute. A scholarly pro-freedom think tank.
Institute for Policy Innovation.
National Center for Policy Analysis. Based in Dallas, and featuring top-level researchers such as Morgan Reynolds.
Reason Foundation. A top-notch libertarian site.
Statistical Assessment Service. Analyzes and debunks statistical factoids from the right and the left.


State and local
Allegheny Institute for Public Policy Research. Pennsylvania.
Cascade Policy Institute.
Oregon. Leading for fight for allowing states to opt out of the federal social security system.
Center for the American Experiment. Minnesota.
Claremont Institute. California
Ethan Allen Institute. Vermont.
Evergreen Freedom Foundation. Washington state.
Georgia Public Policy Foundation.
Heartland Institute. Illinois
Hudson Institute. New York
John Locke Foundation. North Carolina.
Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Michigan.
The Manhattan Institute and its Magazine the City Journal, based in New York City.

Nevada Policy Research Institute.
Pacific Research Institute. California.
Pioneer Institute.
Texas Public Policy Foundation.
Sutherland Institute. Utah.

Virginia Institute.


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Most Favorite InstaPundit

The Corner

Eugene Volokh




Drudge Report

Political Wire

How Appealing

Real Clear Politics



Jon Caldara

Colorado Union of Taxpayers

Pirate Ballerina


Rocky Mountain Alliance

TalkLeft. The Politics of Crime

Walter in Denver

View from a Height




Ann Althouse

How Appealing

Point of Law. Walter Olson

Professor Bainbridge


Sentencing Law and Policy

Michael Brown.

Race to the Bottom

Environment in the 21st Century

Thriving in Law School

Law School 2.0



Second Amendment/firearms

Michael Bane

Alphecca. "A gay gun nut in Vermont"



Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

National Association of Scholars



Andrew Sullivan


Captain's Quarters

David Limbaugh


Hugh Hewitt

James Lileks

Jeff Jarvis

Brink Lindsey

Marc Cooper

Michael J. Totten

Michelle Malkin

Power Line

Patrick Ruffini

Red State

Sabertooth Journal

Say Uncle


The Foundry (Heritage Foundation)

Virginia Postrel

Weekend Pundit



Tom G. Palmer



Cafe Hayek

Tyler Cowen


Steven Landsburg



Committee to Protect Bloggers

Cut On The Bias

Media Minded



Amarji. Very brave blogger from Syria

Belmont Club

Daniel Pipes

Dhimmi Watch

Innocents Abroad



Strategy Page




Catholic and Enjoying It!

Just One Minute

Mere Comments. Touchstone magazine.





Web Tools

On-Line Books. A University of Pennsylvania site with 11,000 texts

The Internet Archive


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Andrews' America

Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research. At the University of Michigan. The world's largest database of social science research.
Michael Reagan's Information Exchange
The Ad Graveyard. A humorous link at some advertisements that almost ran.

History News Network




Arutz Sheva - Israel National News

Daniel Pipes


Ha'aretz - English

Israel Daily

Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces

Israel Hasbara Committee

Israel Insider

Jerusalem Post

Israpundit Iranian Liberty Index

Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran



SW Radio Africa Home Page



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