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October 31, 2006
Dave Kopel's Second Amendment Project is based at the Independence Institute, a free-market think tank in Golden, Colorado.

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Table of Contents

  1. New By Kopel, Articles: U.N. says self-defense is not a human right; School Protection; The Catechism of the Revolution
  2. New by Kopel, Audio: Glenn and Helen Show; Caplis and Silverman; Gun Free Schools; The U.N.
  3. New by Kopel, Blogging: Weapons embargo to Israel; U.N. Opposes the U.S. on Self-Defense; St. George Tucker on the 2nd Amendment; Congress forbids Crisis Gun-Grabs; Jewish Boxers
  4. International: Australia; Brazil; Canada; Israel; Philippines; Thailand; U.K.
  5. Schools: Gottlieb on 'Gun Free Zones'; Armed Teachers
  6. Self-defense: AMC Theaters ban Concealed Carry; Gun Lockers in Public Buildings; R.I.P. Colonel Cooper
  7. States: California vetoes; Idaho town; Indiana parks; New Jersey rationing
  8. Federal: BATFE Reform; Soon-to-Be Citizen Arrested for Derringer
  9. Gun Culture: 1st Grader's Gun Charges; 4-H Shooting Program; Polls; Armed Gays; 2nd Amendment Film; Snubnoses
  10. Politics: Georgia Amendment; Praeger; Ohio Governor's Race
  11. Law: Arizona Self-Defense; New Jersey's 'Gun Court'; Guns in Parks; University of Utah; Wyoming Sues the BATFE
  12. Research: Boston Firearms Crime; Gun Law and Psychiatrists; PERF Report on Violent Crime

New by Kopel


U.N. To World: You Have No Human Right to Self-Defense

America's 1st Freedom
November 01, 2006

Thwarted by the demise of its global gun ban treaty, the United Nations declares the human right of self-defense null and void.

The Resistance: Teaching common-sense school protection

National Review Online
October 10, 2006

"Since the Columbine murders in 1999, several important steps have been taken to prevent or thwart school shootings. Much more still needs to be done."

Only Press Itself Can Stop Copycats

Rocky Mountain News (CO)
October 7, 2006

"Killers, suicides thrive on publicity given those who perpetrated earlier crimes."

The Catechism of the The Revolution: Jonathan Mayhew, the great Congregationalist preacher from Boston who taught America their duty of resisting tyranny.

November 2006

"The date when the revolution of hearts and minds began was January 30, 1750, and the leader of the incipient revolt was the Congregationalist minister Jonathan Mayhew, who preached what was perhaps the most important sermon in American history."


The Glenn and Helen Show: Talking Guns and Politics with Dave Kopel

Oct. 23, 2006

"You can listen directly -- no downloading needed -- by going here http://tinyurl.com/yjuwwe and clicking on the gray Flash player. Or you can download the file directly right here http://tinyurl.com/ye2mts. You can get a lo-fi version for dialup by going here http://tinyurl.com/yjuwwe and selecting 'lofi,' and you can subscribe via iTunes by going here http://tinyurl.com/rkaj4."

Debate on school shootings with Dennis Hennigan, of the Brady Center

KHOW, 630 AM, Denver
Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2006

The debate is from about 3:20 to 4:00 p.m., on the Caplis and Silverman Show. You can listen on your computer, or download an mp3 file, from the Caplis & Silverman archive. Free registration (username plus password) is required.

Make Schools Safe for Kids, not Criminals. Arming teachers is the most realistic way to reduce school shootings

iVoices.org podcast
October 5, 2006

'Gun free school zones' create safe zones for mass murderers.

The United Nations versus Self-defense

Speech at the Gun Rights Policy Conference, Charlotte, N.C.
September 23, 2006

16 minutes. Podcast in MP3.


Global gun prohibition lobby urges ban on arms sales to Israel

The Volokh Conspiracy
October 17, 2006

Dave has consolidated his contributions to the Volokh conspiracy on his own web site, which makes for easier browsing for undiluted Kopel.

The UN's New Attack on Law-abiding American Gun Owners. How the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly are moving towards declaring the absence of sufficiently repressive American laws on gun ownership and self-defense to be a violation of international human rights

The Volokh Conspiracy
September 13, 2006

The existence of freedom in any location is increasingly inconvenient to global bureaucrats.

St. George Tucker versus Saul Cornell on the Second Amendment

The Volokh Conspiracy
October 13, 2006

"Analyzing Tucker's Blackstone, and other writings by Tucker, Halbrook shows that Tucker explicitly recognized the Second Amendment as an individual right, including the right to posses firearms for personal self-defense, unrelated to militia duty."

Make Schools Safe for Kids, not Criminals

The Volokh Conspiracy
October 6, 2006

"There are no substitutes for firearms (in both offensive and defensive situations), because firearms are fairly easy to use, and can project force at a distance."

Congress Outlaws Gun Confiscation during Disasters or Emergencies

The Volokh Conspiracy
October 2, 2006

"...included in the legislation is a ban on gun confiscation during emergencies and natural disasters, to prevent a repeat of the post-Katrina abuses such as law enforcement officers breaking into homes and confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens."

Jewish Boxing, Fencing, and Self-Defense

The Volokh Conspiracy
September 4, 2006

"...when Jews began to defend themselves, they demonstrated that they were worthy of being defended and so good-hearted gentiles also began to defend Jews."



Gun Laws Haven't Cut Murder Rates: Study

October 23, 2006

Australia's guns buyback has not reduced rates of gun murder or suicide, a new study says.

Parliament Passes Gun Law Changes

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
October 20, 2006

"The amendments remove the automatic cancellation of a firearms licence after convictions for minor and non-violent offences."


Gun-Wielding Granny to Get Medal

The Australian
October 19, 2006

A 67-year-old Brazilian grandmother who shot and wounded a bag-snatcher in Rio de Janeiro will get a medal from the crime-ridden city's legislators even though she faces trial for illegal gun possession.


Gun laws won't help, poll says: Survey launched after slaying in Montreal

Hubert Bauch
Winnipeg Free Press (Canada)
October 21, 2006

"Canadians have little faith changes to our gun control laws could help prevent another shooting rampage like the deadly incident at Montreal's Dawson College, a new poll suggests."

One Thing's for Sure, Crime Causes Gun Laws

Gary Mauser
The Globe and Mail (Canada)
September 18, 2006

"...proof is lacking that more restrictive gun laws will make society safer."

Gun Control Won't Protect Us from the Losers

Ian Robinson
Calgary Sun (Canada)
September 17, 2006

"The people who told you government regulation would protect you against monster losers with grudges were lying."

Societal Benefits of Firearm Ownership - Self-Defence

Antony G. Jackson, Economics Division
Library of Parliament
August 22, 2006

"Even if not discharged, firearms can be useful tools for protecting oneself, another person or property from animals and human attacks, both in the home and elsewhere..." This study cites Dave's work.


Soros moves on to Israel

Caroline B. Glick
October 14, 2006

The king of global gun prohibition prepares for a major propaganda campaign against Israel's right to self-defense.


Arming of civilians to fight Reds OK'd

Manila Standard (Philippines)
October 23, 2006

"President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has approved the arming of civilian volunteers to help the government wipe out the New People's Army and will soon have the budget for it, an official said yesterday."


Schmid defends keeping army rifles at home

SwissInfo (Switzerland)
September 2, 2006

"Swiss Defence Minister Samuel Schmid says family tragedies and suicides are not valid reasons to stop soldiers from keeping their army weapons at home." The article concentrates on suicide by firearm in Switzerland, the U.S., and Australia, but never once mentions changes in the overall suicide rate.


EDITORIAL: The right of self-defence

Bangkok Post (Thailand)
September 8, 2006

"While international cooperation in preventing and redressing violence is a strong necessity, it is difficult to see a role for the United Nations."

United Kingdom

Oh, to be in England: Real Crime, Fake Justice

"Theodore Dalrymple"
City Journal
August 20, 2006

On David Fraser's book, A Land Fit for Criminals with Dalrymple's thoughts on the disarmament of Britain's law-abiding population.


'Gun-free School Zones' Killing Kids

Alan Gottlieb and Dave Workman
Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, TX)
October 6, 2006

Gun-free School Zones have led to school massacres.

Lasee Alters School Guns Plan

Wisconsin State Journal
October 11, 2006

"Rep. Frank Lasee is sticking to his guns. Sort of." The Wisconsin lawmaker suggested arming teachers against school rampages.

US Unwilling to Ban Guns Despite Plague of School Shootings

Virginie Montet
Yahoo! News
October 7, 2006

The article quotes Ed Rendell, the Governor of Pennsylvania, saying, "I believe with all my heart that Pennsylvania needs stronger gun control legislation. But, I think we should all understand, no proposed law that I would think of or none that I've seen could have ruled out this situation."

Gun class for Utah teachers

Ben Winslow and Jennifer Toomer-Cook
Deseret Morning News (UT)
October 13, 2006

"More than a dozen teachers and public school employees will spend part of their UEA weekend in a classroom learning how to use a gun."


Movie theater: No weapons allowed

Jeff Edelstein
The Trentonian (NJ)
October 24, 2006

"AMC Theatres create nationwide ban on licensed concealed carry in their theatres." This policy has received very little media attention.

Public-buildings gun law eased: Convenient lockers a must if ban is on

Erica Meltzer
Arizona Daily Star
September 24, 2006

"The law requires governments to provide citizens a safe and convenient place to store weapons if they're to be prohibited from public buildings."

Jeff Cooper Remembered

Dan White
Ohioans For Concealed Carry
September 25, 2006

"The handgun world today mourned the loss of Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper, one of the most influential figures in the shooting industry, who died in his home today surrounded by loved ones."

God speed Colonel

The AnarchAngel
October 1, 2006

"When asked if violence did not simply beget more violence, Colonel Cooper responded "It is my earnest endeavor to see that it does. I would like very much to ensure and in some cases I have that any man who offers violence to his fellow citizen begets a whole lot more in return than he can enjoy"

Corpus Christi teen kills burglar in home

Associated Press (TX)
October 9, 2006

"A 14-year-old boy shot and killed a man who broke into his family's home Monday and threatened to kill him and his mother, Police Chief Bryan Smith said."



Gov. Schwarzenegger Drops a Veto on Two Antigun Bills

David Hardy
Via a Calif. Rifle & Pistol Assn. Email
October 2, 2006

Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed two California state assembly bills, one forbidding ammunition sales over the internet, the other, criminalizing a prompt failure to report the theft or loss of a handgun.

Politicians back gun control: Constituents load up on firearms

Tad Whitaker
Marin Independent-Journal (CA)
October 1, 2006

"a quiet subculture of Marin gun owners who keep weapons for personal protection, hunting and collecting."


Councilman to Idaho town: Get your guns

Gwen Florio
USA Today
October 2, 2006

"The Town Council in Greenleaf, Idaho, is considering a recommendation that all households keep and maintain guns because of the crime that might come with the encroaching growth from nearby Boise." Ms. Florio interviewed Dave for this article.


Handguns Allowed In IN Parks; Critic Cites NRA Link

Will Higgins
Indianapolis Star
September 22, 2006

"It's now legal to carry a handgun in Indiana's state parks, a move seen as the latest victory for the gun lobby in Indiana."


Kearney Keeps Concealed Weapons Ban on the Books

Associated Press (NE)
September 27, 2006

"'I'm glad we have the ability to say we don't want concealed weapons in our community,' Councilman Randy Buschkoetter said."

New Jersey

More Gun Control in Jersey City

Ricardo Kaulessar
The Hudson Reporter (NJ)
October 20, 2006

"The Jersey City City Council, at its Oct. 11 meeting, approved an ordinance prohibiting the sale or purchase of more than one handgun within a 30-day period."


House OKs new gun-show rules

Peter Hardin
Richmond Times Dispatch (VA)
September 27, 2006

"The House of Representatives yesterday passed a bill to revamp federal enforcement rules for gun dealers, born in part from complaints about agents' tactics at Richmond-area gun shows."

Report Criticizes Ex-ATF Chief

Dan Eggen
The Washington Post
October 12, 2006

"The former director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives violated ethics rules by requiring 20 employees to help his teenage nephew prepare a high school video project, part of a wide-ranging pattern of questionable expenditures on a new ATF headquarters, personal security and other items, according to a report issued yesterday."

Life on the Bizarro World

David Codrea
The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance
October 19, 2006

A Korean woman about to take her oath of citizenship in a Federal courthouse was arraigned for weapons charges upon the discovery of a .22 caliber derringer in her handbag.

Gun Culture

1st Grader With Squirt Gun Back In School

September 21, 2006

"The district overturned a 10-day suspension for a 6-year-old boy who brought a plastic squirt gun to school."

Shooting Program Builds More Than Marksmanship

Jim Low
Kansas City infoZine (MO)
October 2, 2006

"The 4-H Shooting Sports Program's goals are to teach safe and responsible use of firearms, to teach the fundamentals of shooting, to connect youths with caring adults, and to teach life skills, such as goal setting, decision making, self-discipline, responsibility, safety, concentration and the wise use of the environment."

How to prepare for Speaker Pelosi: Buy more guns from Springfield Armory

Mike S. Adams
October 18, 2006

"I'm preparing now for a worst-case scenario by setting aside about five thousand dollars to be spent on weapons and accessories that may well be targeted by future Democratic leaders."

Gays With Guns

JoSelle Vanderhooft
QSaltLake: Utah's Gay and Lesbian Newspaper
October 1, 2006

"This is really just a public service," he said. "I'm not trying to lead gay gun owners in Utah as much as trying to give them an outlet, a voice number one, and a chance to get together, and shoot and learn together."

The Snubnose Files


"That's what this site is about: the snubnose revolver."

Trailer film for 2nd Amendment Documentary

David Hardy
Of Arms and the Law
October 9, 2006

Mr. Hardy's documentary film on the 2nd Amendment. Two trailers are accessible from this page, a 7 megabyte version here http://www.armsandthelaw.com/documentary/7megtrailer.htm, and a 15 megabyte full screen version here http://www.armsandthelaw.com/documentary/15megtrailer.htm. Dave is among the scholars who are interviewed in the film.


Nationwide Survey shows most Americans support hunting and fishing

Duluth Weekly (GA)
September 19, 2006

"a new nationwide survey of Americans 18 years old and older shows that a strong majority of Americans support hunting and fishing."

Americans by Slight Margin Say Gun in the Home Makes It Safer: Majority of Americans favor stricter gun laws

Frank Newport
The Gallup News Service
October 20, 2006

"A majority of Americans say laws covering the sale of firearms should be more strict, but this includes a sizable group that wants existing laws better enforced rather than new laws passed. About 4 out of 10 Americans have a gun in the home."

School Shootings May Trigger Further Gun-Control Debate: Polls Show Varied Public Attitudes on Gun Violence

Gary Langer
ABC News
October 3, 2006

"The latest spate of school shootings likely will fuel a fresh round of debate on gun violence and gun control in this country."


Vote 'yes' to Protect Right to Hunt, Fish

Glenn Dowling, V.P. GA Wildlife Federation
The Atlanta Journal - Constitution
October 24, 2006

"Under this amendment, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources will maintain its ability to regulate fishing and hunting and local governments will retain the right to regulate the discharge of firearms.

A Vote for Patty Wetterling can Hurt Children

Dennis Prager
October 24, 2006

The nationally syndicated columnist and radio talk show host indicates his displeasure with this Minnesota candidate's lies about the Mark Foley case, and her false charges about child molestation.

Candidates Alike on Sportsmen's Issues; Strickland, Blackwell Support Conservation, Gun Ownership

Dave Golowenski
The Columbus Dispatch (OH)
September 24, 2006

"Ted Strickland, the "D," and Ken Blackwell, the "R," let it be known that they favor gun ownership and they're gung-ho on conserving nature."


Court Rules That Self Defense Law Applied Retroactively

Paul Davenport
Associated Press (AZ)
September 5, 2006

"Ruling on a legal issue at play in cases across the state, an appellate court ruled Tuesday that a new law on self defense applied retroactively to pending cases in which alleged crimes had already been committed."

AZ high court agrees to rule on timing of self-defense change

Paul Davenport
Associated Press (AZ)
October 23, 2006

"The Arizona Supreme Court on Monday agreed to rule on whether a new state law on self defense applied to a murder defendant who was awaiting trial when changes favorable to defendants took effect earlier this year."

Once again, Poor Implementation Dooms Crime Initiative

Joseph A. Wilson
September 29, 2006

"Essex County's top judge has scrapped a four-year-old program to crack down on chronic gun offenders in Newark, saying there was no evidence it did anything to curb crime. State Superior Court Assignment Judge Patricia Costello said she no longer saw the benefit of setting aside a judge, prosecutors and probation officers to handle the city's gun-possession cases because the only verifiable result was higher bails."

Parks to Remove Signs that Ban Concealed Guns

Houston Chronicle (TX)
October 24, 2006

"Commissioners Court ordered on Tuesday the removal of signs banning legally concealed handguns in Harris County parks, after lawyers said the county could not enforce such a ban."


Associated Press (UT)
September 18th, 2006

"The Utah Supreme Court ruled Sept. 8 that the weapons ban runs counter to Utah law, which prevents state and local agencies from restricting possession or use of firearms on public or private property."

Wash High Court OKs Local Limits on Gun Shows

David Ammons
Associated Press (WA)
October 13, 2006

"The state Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a city's restrictions on a gun show, but dissenters said the majority decision manages to circumvent state law that forbids cities from regulating gun shows on city property."

NRA, Gun Owners Foundation Join Wyoming's lawsuit against Feds

Ben Neary
Associated Press (WY)
September 7, 2006

"Two national gun rights groups are supporting Wyoming's lawsuit over a federal agency's rejection of a state law that allows people with misdemeanor convictions for domestic violence to petition in state court to regain their right to carry guns."


"Trivial Violations"?: The Myth of Overzealous Federal Enforcement Actions Against Licensed Gun Dealers"

Brian J. Siebel and Elizabeth S. Haile
The Brady Campaign
September, 2006
PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar software.

This report claims that the recent surge in prosecutions of small-scale firearms dealers and customizers reflects very serious violations, not paperwork errors.

Epidemic of gang gunfire stumps BPD

Michele McPhee
Boston Herald
September 24, 2006

"The Boston Police Department's clearance rate in shootings is only 14 Percent." Gang violence in Boston is leaving victims, but no corresponding number of convictions for the crimes taking place.

Firearm Laws, Patients, and the Roles of Psychiatrists

Donna M. Norris, Marily Price, Thomas Gutheil, and William H. Reid
American Journal of Psychiatry Volume 163; Issue 8; 1392
August 2006

"The purpose of this article is to educate clinicians about the impact of firearms statutes and restrictions for their patients." The link is for the abstract, payment is required for the entire article.

Chief Concerns: A Gathering Storm--Violent Crime in America

Marie Simonetti Rosen
Police Executive Research Forum
October 2006
PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar software.

The Police Executive Research Forum's analysis of violent crime trends is appearing in many news articles. This is the final report in pdf format. For John Lott's critique of this study, see here http://tinyurl.com/y5kw9d.

This newsletter is compiled with help from Dr. Rob S. Rice. For more on this loquacious, well-motivated individual, see http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/rrice/rrice_hd.html. Dr. Rice once sat very, very quietly next to Colonel Jeff Cooper.

Al Qaeda delenda est!

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